"Front Class" Preschool Program

Two Day Preschool

Tue-Thu Class

The two day preschool program consists of a blend of two and three year olds with an emphasis on social, emotional and cognitive development through exploration and play. By providing a safe, comfortable environment, we encourage children to achieve separation from their parent and positively transition between activities.


We encourage children to learn, trust, and to feel more confident within the school environment through compassionate teaching and consistent routines. With the development of trust and communication, children are able to progress from parallel to cooperative play and begin to learn, develop and explore through self discovery.

Three Day and Five Day Preschool

Mon-Wed-Fri or Mon-Fri Classes

In the three and four year old program, children begin and are encouraged to move more independently from one center of interest to another; indoor and outdoor. By providing children with a large variety of constructive, dramatic, and creative materials and learning experiences, they begin to grow and mature.


As they progress through these stages, they use these materials and experiences in more complex ways to develop new skills and lengthen their attention spans. With increased interest and participation in cooperative play, children begin to develop a better understanding socially, as well as, begin to admire and learn from each other. As children learn from each other, perceptions though direct experiences allow children to focus and develop into more logical, flexible and organized thinkers.