Opening in 1979, Country Oaks School has educated several generations of Sacramento families. It has become a beloved nursery school institution in the Sierra Oaks & Arden Park neighborhoods. Read what our families have to say...

Front class: Country Oaks School is a place like no other. We sent all three of our sons to Country Oaks, and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an outstanding preschool experience for their child. The warmth and enthusiasm for teaching is evident from the minute you walk in the door, and the directors’ incredible level of experience and knowledge of the development of young children forms the backbone of a school experience that truly recognizes each child as an individual.

So many preschools today put an enormous emphasis on academics and computers from a very early age. In contrast, we were searching for a school that emphasized play, creativity, music, art, and wonder, in the belief that academics would come later and be all the stronger for having the freedom to play and discover as a foundation. Our hopes have been born out in each of our three kids, who have hit the ground running upon arriving in kindergarten and beyond, and we know that their experience at Country Oaks has been an enormous factor in their success. Our kids absolutely loved their time at Country Oaks, and all still frequently share heartwarming memories of their first school experience.

Back class: We sent two of our children through the Country Oaks pre-kindergarten program, and found it to be extremely valuable and positive for both of them. Country Oaks pre-kindergarten is a warm and caring environment that allows kids to develop the confidence and skills they need to prepare them for kindergarten. The class is small, and the teacher/student ratio is low, so each child receives a great deal of individual attention. Emphasis is placed not only on academic preparation, but on social confidence and being comfortable in a school environment. Though rambunctious at home, both of our younger sons were quite shy at school, and the extra year at Country Oaks helped tremendously to increase their confidence and ability to interact comfortably in the school context. Country Oaks pre-kindergarten made a tremendously positive difference for our children in preparing them for kindergarten, and we would highly recommend it to anyone considering a transitional kindergarten program for their child.

Muilenburg Family

Country Oaks School is a true gem in Sacramento. As both a mother and as a first grade teacher, I am so pleased that I've sent my children here, where they have been nurtured and allowed to grow into the unique people that they are.

Robin Swatt

I stumbled upon the school by "accident" as I had been looking at all the "big names" in the neighborhood - and was so lucky to do so. At the other places the first thing I was asked was "Can you bring your child in for testing?" Testing for what?! She is 3 years old and going to pre-school! When I spoke to Gilder (the co-director) her first question was "What are looking for in a pre-school?" I was somewhat exasperated by all of my previous phone calls and answered very honestly, "A place where she can eat paste, run around, and learn the routine of pre-school with teachers who love kids". Well - I got all that and more! We watched our almost 3 year old go from hiding behind my leg to running in to the yard, asking to go to school on the weekend. I knew all was a success when one day she asked me a question and I replied, "well, I'm not sure" - she replied, "well that's OK - Mrs. Brown will know!" Outstanding in every way.

Lynette Sherer

When my oldest daughter turned 2, I was shocked to hear parents already talking about preschool choices. I immediately jumped on the band wagon and did the research any parent would (thinking there would be no space in any preschool for my child) and asked for recommendations. I also began making appointments at local preschools and found Country Oaks Preschool met all of my needs. In previewing schools, I was amazed at the level of attention the children received; the ability of the staff to diffuse children's anxiety and squabbles; the number of stations of art, activities and outside play available; and the small concept group time to focus on each of the children's strengths in development. I was seeking a developmental preschool as I knew my children would get all the academics necessary in years to come. I wanted to have well rounded children with established values, morals, manners and the ability to get along with others while learning to share, deal with group dynamics and socialize with adults and peers. I have been thrilled with Country Oaks; especially their directors, Gilder Caplan and Angie Williams. As my 3 girls have each spent 2 or 3 years in their 2 day, 3 day and 5 day programs; their assessments and recommendations for their growth and development were helpful and accurate. Their programs are geared toward development for the 3-5 year olds, and that's exactly what my children had the benefit of receiving while at Country Oaks Preschool. I highly recommend Country Oaks to those families looking for a positive and nurturing environment.

Ann Casentini

Country Oaks Preschool Parent for 7 years

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