Our Philosophy

The purpose and philosophy of our school is to develop and nurture social, artistic, emotional and intellectual skills in young children, as well as, to allow each child to discover themselves through exploration in an appropriate developmental environment.


We feel that it is important to create an environment that will enrich and nurture young children. Our philosophy emphasizes the cognitive, social and emotional development of young children by providing a safe, comfortable school environment that is enriched with a variety of age appropriate activities for the developmental level of each child.

Our Goals as Educators

  • To provide a positive, semistructured environment where we intentionally teach with optimum challenge.

  • To offer small class sizes and teacher-child ratios that are arranged by appropriate developmental age groupings for elevated learning devleopment.

  • To guide and encourage young children to engage in new experiences and learn about their discoveries.

  • To help young children feel comfortable about themselves, to feel secure with other people, and to guide them toward self responsiibility and self control.

  • To encourage young children to work, play, and learn with other children their own age.

  • To offer young children opportunities for creative expression and to have fun as they play through a variety of teacher-directed and child-directed activities.