Est. 1979

We Thank You!


January, 2021


Dear Country Oaks Parents,


We are announcing that we are closing Country Oaks School.

We are rolling up our “welcome mat” and shutting our doors after 42 years.  It is time for both of us to make this change and we are looking forward to what is referred to as “retirement.” 

We thank our husbands who have been so supportive through all these years with their help and encouragement in giving us the space to make our dream of Country Oaks School come true.

We thank our staff of teachers who have supported our educational philosophy and have given their love, guidance and wisdom to so many children through all these 42 years.  We have been fortunate to have had so many gifted teachers that have shared decades teaching with us at Country Oaks School.

We thank the thousands of families that have chosen to send their children to our small private preschool.  The memories of your families and your children are cherished keepsakes that we will have forever.

It has been a real pleasure seeing young parents parenting in the best of ways and seeing your children confident and full of joy in their travels through their childhood years.  It has been especially touching having our former Country Oaks children grow up and then return to us, sending their children through the magical experience of being a Country Oaks kid.

This is the last chapter of our story of Country Oaks School.  It is bittersweet but the time is right for both of us. This may be the end of our Country Oaks School, but we are so proud and delighted to share news that a “new set of sisters” with strong ECE background have a dream of their own that is about to come true.

We are pleased to introduce you to Francesca Winn and Isobel Whitbread-Cole.  They will be creating their own early childhood program on the site that was once Country Oaks School.

We have had several offers and interests over the years to take over our school site.  The interest has come from school principals, other teachers as well as owners of other preschools and each time we have quickly decided it just wasn’t the time for us to make a change or sell our business.

Isobel and Francesca just struck a chord with us when we first met their family a few years ago when they first inquired about our school.  They continued to check in occasionally with us to see if we had had a change of heart.  They have a strong background in early childhood education and are currently pursuing their master’s degrees. Francesca is married and has a young daughter.  Her sister Isobel is also married and is expecting her first child this April.


We are very happy to pass the “Baton” over to them and to watch them create their own dream of a high-quality daycare preschool they are calling “Acorn to Oak School” that will revolve around a warm and caring environment for children to thrive.



We encourage you to look at their website or make time to meet them.  We know you will be as thrilled with these two sisters as we are.

Our book is at “The End” but they are still working on their “first chapter.”  We wish them the best of luck and much success with their new business.


Thank You – to each and every one of you for the treasured memories that we will always have of Country Oaks School.

Angie Williams and Gilder Caplan 
Co-founders and Directors